Mountain Youth Academy Residential Treatment Center For Boys and Girls

Mountain Youth Academy offers individualized planning and cutting-edge technology in the treatment of girls and boys at our facility in the rolling hills of Tennessee, only 13 miles from the Virginia border. Our treatment programs offer counseling for children and adolescents as well as other treatment methods to address their mental health needs.

The Residential Treatment Program uses a cognitive-behavioral treatment model, which through the use of various individual and group treatment therapies, nurtures the development and practice of pro-social behaviors. Our mental health treatment for children and adolescents is administered in a safe and warm environment in a secure, locked facility.

Youth are assigned to treatment teams and groups that are best suited to meet their individual treatment needs. Each group’s daily activities and the therapeutic milieu are designed to assess emotional and behavioral difficulties, assist with safely exploring alternative behaviors, and reinforce socially desirable behaviors.

Mountain Youth Academies’ key to successfully working with troubled youth is its highly qualified staff members, who are committed to engaging in their mental health treatment and working intensely with them and their families so the child can return to his home and community.

To learn more about the treatments offered, please contact us.