Mountain Youth Academy sets high expectations and standards for our students and teaching staff.

We do this so that every child has the opportunity to reach their potential. Our goal is to meet every student where they are when they come to us, then challenge them educationally and help them emotionally. Our vision is one that has no room for failure.

We celebrate success and evaluate deficiencies in the classroom daily so that tomorrow does not repeat itself.

Our program is nestled in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee. These mountains represent the challenges our students face. Our vision is that each individual student climbs his or her mountain. We walk beside them when they need encouragement; we walk behind them pushing, so they see their strength, value, importance, and potential. We walk in front of them saying “come meet us” and “we will show you the way.”

The vision is from the top of the mountain; that is where they see how far they have come, and that no challenge is impossible as long as you learn to believe in yourself.

Our vision at MYA is from the top of their mountains, we will do whatever it takes to get them there and will stand and celebrate with them.

Our school is a licensed Category VII non-public school through the State Board of Education Rule 0520-7-2.02. All credits earned transfer back to the student’s local education agency, and all teachers are licensed through the Tennessee Department of Education.